PayALL is a mobile payment system that allows businesses to easily receive payment, by bringing together all cards of customers safely in a common virtual wallet.

With PayALL, you get paid without taking your customers’ credit card information and without experiencing security problems, ensuring the safety and comfort of both you and your customers.

Thanks to PayAll, you don’t have to pay fees for a different device to receive payment from credit cards.


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Frequently Asked Questions

How to Work PayALL?

The member business enters the payment amount via «PayALL Business». The business asks the customer if the payment will be made with QR code or mobile phone number. The customer may produce QR code or tells the business their mobile phone number. The «payment received» notification appears on the business’ app and the transaction is completed. The customer views the «payment amount» displayed on their app and approves the payment. The business either has the QR code scanned or sends the payment request by entering the mobile number.

How can I apply for PayALL?

Our sales team will contact you as soon as possible after you complete the application form on our website.

Is PayALL free?

Yes. You can use all features of PayALL without paying any commission other than your existing virtual POS agreement.

Does PayALL charge commission on my collections?

No, PayALL does not charge commission on the payments you collect. As a matter of fact, we aim to provide discounts on your Virtual POS commissions with banks as our business pool expands.

Will I experience delay in payments?

No, there won’t be any delays; your payment arrangements will continue exactly according to your Virtual POS agreement with your bank. PayALL only mediates your payments; it does not keep your money in a pool or earn money on it.

How many branches can I define on PayALL?

You can define as many branches as you like on our system.

Which banks have contracted with PayALL?

We have contracted with all banks.

Can I receive payments from all bank cards with PayALL?

You can receive payment from credit cards of all banks. Debit cards will be on PayALL soon!

What happens when I have a problem?

You can receive assistance from our support team in 24 hours by calling our customer services or completing the support form on the PayALL app.